Marc-Antoine Diego Guidi

PhD in Management (Paris Saclay University), professor and researcher at Institut des Mines in Paris, France, and UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina) in Brazil, consultant and coach, my goal is to help emerge purpose and ‘ sustainability’ in your projects.

At the service of your projects, ecosystems, communities that constitute them, I build bridges and explore the corporate, NGO and academic world is my way to participate actively and pragmatically in a positive societal change by creating a sustainable social and environmental impact.

Executive Training

15 years of experience of courses/ workshops in many prestigious universities in the world


A unique experience of implementation of concrete, participatory projects of empowerment …


A coach who implements sustenability projects in the four corners of the world, puts in practice.

My main purpose is to implement positive societal change, and to serve communities, ecosystems by creating sustainable impact both at social and environmental levels. Through academic research and educational programs focusing on implementation of social innovation, value creation, poor communities’ empowerment. As well as by facilitating corporate engagement programs developing purpose, and finally developing purposeful Executive positioning to bring about positive changes needed at all layers of responsibility.

Currently I am acting as consultant on sustainability in France and Brazil and visiting researcher and professor in Institut des Mines Telecom, Paris as well as in UFSC, Florianopolis, teaching sustainability in more than 12 areas of management.

Marc-Antoine Diego Guidi


Professor and university researcher, in management, implementing participatory research projects in communities at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, creator of individual and collective values through empowerment models, consultant and coach creating purpose and sustainability” for your projects, based on personal development methodologies (sophrology, NLP) and project management (IKIGAI, Gantt chart, etc.)